Case Study: Louenhide Australia and North America

Duration: 3 years

Louenhide is a 15-year-old, family-owned accessories label stocked in boutiques worldwide. It is a Brisbane-based company that has seen fast growth and sustained brand expansion through DTC.

The Challenge

Reposition the Louenhide brand to grow the business through a more customer-aligned differentiator that enables the brand to expand its market.

The Approach

  • Define the agile strategic framework to ensure the brand, customer, marketing, and digital strategies are aligned to core business goals and strategy.

  • Map the existing revenue goals to clearly define the role of direct-to-consumer within the broader business model.

  • Define the customer segments and identify the growth segments to understand the existing positioning and gaps.

  • Build a strategic plan focusing on long- and short-term strategies with a supporting data reporting framework that enables weekly adjustment.

  • Audit the marketing capabilities and design a learning and coaching plan for internal team members and an outsourcing and new staff acquisition plan.

  • Establish the website design brief and partner engagement plan.

  • Lead the implementation of core strategies.

  • Manage partner ecosystem.

The Outcome

  • Successful transition of the marketing team to the agile strategic framework, way of working and data reporting and modelling.

  • Successful brand repositioning to build out new markets with a clear customer-focused go-to-marketing plan.

  • Data and reporting enable a laser-like focus on customer insights.

Project Highlights

  • Growth of direct-to-consumer channels.

  • Growth of brand value perception as measured by the ability to increase prices.

  • Customer insights and reporting becoming a daily habit.

Key Learnings

  • Monthly strategic check-ins enabled the founders to maintain clarity, alignment and focus.

  • Building brand differentiation enabled the business to expand its brand story into sustainability in a way that was authentic to them as a company.

"Jane nailed our biggest challenge during the initial discovery process, and she was incredibly fast in seeing a clear path forward. As an outsider looking in, Jane left all four directors confident that we had a united, clear, and focused plan forward. And despite reluctance to bring an outsider in, Jane brought everyone on the journey due to her ability to read people and unite diverse opinions. We now have a clear path, know what good digital partners look like and feel confident in our plan moving forward". Heidi Bailey | Founder

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